What our terms of reference include:

The Mandate of the Association is to document and preserve all extant Kinopanorama ® materials acquired by us and to make them available for sighting at our future Cinema Museum in Menindee NSW. Films on loan to us from Fifth Continent Music Classics, as well as other film distributors, will also be screened at our proposed heritage cinema located within the Cinema Museum. 

Included in this diverse collection are Kinopanorama ® motion pictures and their corresponding sound elements, the PSO-1960 film camera and lenses, a Kinoton 35mm/70mm film projector, a 7-channel 35mm film recorder/reproducer, film editors, movie posters and related memorabilia.

The Cinema Museum will feature a gift shoppe marketing a diverse selection of Kinopanorama ® licensed material. The profits from the sales of these items will fund and support the Association’s ongoing projects, as well as the operation of a volunteer-operated cinema as soon as it is feasible to do so.

In order for the Association to perpetuate and advance our goals, we will collaborate and liaise with existing Federal and State Archives, kindred museums, selected regional cinemas, and cross-promote various industry related activities of each entity. The Association will maintain its own collection and arrange its own promotional events.

The Management Committee, comprising of 3 Responsible Persons as defined by the Australian Taxation Office, shall be charged with promoting Kinopanorama® to the public at large through various social media platforms, this website and printed advertising. The public will be invited to donate to the Kinopanorama Widescreen  Cinema Museum Public Fund through the same social media platforms and this webpage. The Kinopanorama Widescreen Cinema Museum Public Fund shall operate as a separate not-for-profit entity as directed by the Management Committee.

The Association will also participate in the filming of an Oral History Project (scheduled to commence in 2023), which will feature interviews with surviving crew members and cinema projectionists who were responsible for the exhibition of Kinopanorama ® (and similar widescreen) films in Australia, Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The Association will hire the PSO-1960 camera and associated equipment to any commercial film production company, subject to the terms and conditions applied by us. Refer to Goods and Services for particulars.

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