What we intend to achieve:

The unique three-film KINOPANORAMA ® widescreen motion picture format was developed in the former Soviet Union in 1957. Several documentary and feature films were produced and exhibited around-the-world from 1958 onwards.

In 1995 the rights to exhibit and produce new films in Kinopanorama ® were secured by Fifth Continent Australia Pty Ltd. Chastity, Truth & Kinopanorama, featuring test footage shot in Moscow in August 1993, was followed by Bounty, a short-subject film in the travelogue-documentary idiom filmed in New South Wales. Both films were exhibited in the United Kingdom and the United States of America in 1996 and 1997. These films will be exhibited at our Cinema Museum when it becomes operational.

Two-reels of Opasniye Povoroty, the first colour feature dramatic film produced in Kinopanorama ®, were restored in 1999, and screened in North America at the New Neon Movies in Dayton, Ohio and later at the Hollywood Cinerama Dome in California. 

The Association’s mission goal is to perpetuate Kinopanorama’s unique legacy in Australia through its efforts to provide a greater public awareness and appreciation of its rich heritage, which will be feasible with the exhibition of our extensive collection at our Cinema Museum in Menindee NSW (scheduled to open in 2023), following which time screenings of Kinopanorama ® (and other widescreen) films, produced in Australia and elsewhere, will commence after sufficient funding and donations to our Kinopanorama Widescreen Cinema Museum Public Fund are in place to offset the cost of restoring the projection equipment as well as the design and the construction of the cinema itself.

Similarly, the Association presently markets its Goods and Services under our trapezoid Kinopanorama ® logo on this internet webpage, other social media platforms and in print advertising. Included is the hire of Audiovisual equipment [the Kinopanorama PSO-1960 cine camera] to accredited film production companies; organising the rental/hire of motion pictures produced in Kinopanorama ® for exhibition at film festivals, public cinemas and cinema museums for cultural and/or educational purposes; the production of new films shot in Kinopanorama ® by not only the Association but also independent film production companies.

Kinopanorama ® [colour]

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